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"Diamond Dry Carpet cleaning did a great job not only cleaning my carpets but cleaning my tiles and sealing my grout. Thank you so much for your hard work."   

                    Christelle, Palm Coast, FL


"I highly recommend Diamond Dry in Daytona Beach! They were very kind, and professional. I had them clean my couch, loveseat and chair. Everything looks and smells so clean."

       Doreen, New Symerna Beach, FL 

"Roxy did an amazing job in our high-traffic office by getting out some really tough stains and making the entire place look and smell so clean. Highly recommend and will absolutely use again! Thank you, Roxy."

                                Jill, Daytona Beach, FL

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Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Vinyl flooring weather it be luxury vinyl or composite tile, is best known for its durability and shine. The glossy shine is from what is commonly called wax but is an acrylic floor finish. Vinal compost tile flooring often suits high-traffic commercial areas such as storefronts and other small businesses. The acrylic finish not only makes the floors look clean and shiny they also protect the flooring. If properly maintained, VCT should last between 15 to 20 years. 

Luxury vinyl flooring comes with a factory finish that does not require any acrylic finish. Sometimes people do not know this and use products such as Mop & Glow. These products can leave a build up on the floor that cannot be easily removed. Luckily we have the products, equipment, and expertise to safely remove the wax for you.  

Preventative Maintenance

Suitable matting is the first component of any successful floor program. Ensure a proper floor mat is at every entry point for the home or facility. Entry mats are the first line of defense for your facility's floors. They trap and contain dirt, stopping it from entering your facility. 

Daily Maintenance

Daily maintenance is an essential first step to making sure your vinyl floors continue to look their best. Every day the floor needs to be swept, vacuumed, and mopped. I recommend ZEP Neutral cleaner to mop your floors. ZEP cleans excellent, is not harsh on the floor, and is cheap and easy to get. One gallon of concentrate goes for about $15 on Amazon or Home Depot, making 64 gallons of cleaning solution.  

Periodic Maintenance

Due to foot traffic, you will start to notice wear and tear, especially in the busier areas. Vinyl composit tile (VCT) floors will need a deep scrub and new topcoat periodically throughout the year. How often the floors need periodic maintenance depends on the traffic and how well the floors are maintained. Typical small storefronts and laundromats typically need a deep scrub and recoat every month to three months.  

Annual Restorative Maintenance

Over time, foot traffic traps dirt into the floor finish making it impossible to mop clean. Unfortunately, deep scrubbing and recoating will only work so often. Once a year, VCT floors need the old finish stripped and waxed with a high-quality acrylic floor finish. We apply four or more coats of Hard as Nails acrylic-based floor finish.  

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