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Serving Florida Locations of:  Volusia County · Flagler County· Daytona Beach · Palm Coast · New Symerna Beach · Edgewater · Ponce Inlet ·Sanford · Ormond Beach · Edgewater · Bunnel · Port Orange · Flagler Beach · Deltona · Orange City · DeBary · Oak Hill · Deland · Astor and more!

Benefits of Marble Polishing

Marble polishing improves its appearance and increases its durability and cleanliness. Polishing increases the surface density, making the surface more resistant to damage from falling objects. A polished floor is also much easier to clean and stains less quickly. Marble polishing is recommended for countertops and floors because it helps resist microbes and bacteria.

Our Marble Polishing Process 

Diamond polishing is a process of polishing that uses diamond abrasives to restore the finish. The diamonds come in a variety of grits, similar to sandpaper. Lower grit diamonds remove the deeper scratches. Higher grits remove light etching and are used to increase the gloss. 

Our High Gloss 7-Step Polishing System uses diamond resins and finishes with a powder polish. This system results in the floor having a mirror-like finish. 

We offer matt, semi-gloss, gloss, and high gloss finish options. After the marble is polished, we seal it. Sealing the marble protects it from staining and maintains the stone's natural luster. 


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