Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning

Florida's #1 Floor Cleaning & Restoration Service
Commercial & Residental 

Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning is a veteran-owned & operated business. We are not just carpet cleaners. Our specialty services include:

  • Fast-drying carpet cleaning.

  • Upholstery cleaning.

  • Tile cleaning.

  • Grout repair.

  • Area rug cleaning.

  • Travertine & terrazzo floor polishing.

  • Hardwood cleaning.

  • Laminate floor cleaning.

  • VCT floor cleaning.


Pretty much any kind of flooring you have, we can have it professionally cleaned for you. We service residential and commercial clients in the following Florida Counties:

  • Volusia

  • Orange

  • Seminole

  • St John

  • Flagler

  • Duval 

  • Brevard

  • Osceola


Our team of professional cleaners provides top-notch service by using the best techniques, tools, and environment-friendly cleaning products. We perform the work ourselves and do not sub-contract. When you call Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning, you talk directly to the company's owners.


Payment can be made with a credit card, check, or cash after completing the work. For pricing and more information, please fill out our request form or give us a call at (386) 682-2236. ​

Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning is Veteran Owned & Operated

Our Services

Carpet Cleaning

The Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning method eliminates unhealthy allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and pet dander far better than conventional steam carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning process has solved the customer's frustrations with steam cleaning. 


 Florida's high humidity can make it challenging for carpets to dry. We get the carpet cleaner with a much faster dry time using today's modern chemistry alongside a buffing type agitation. Excessive heat and water from steam cleaning will cause your carpets to wear out much quicker. You don't have to worry about hoses being dragged around your home or stains coming back after the carpets dry with us. 

Carpet Cleaning in Volusia County

Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning products are non-toxic and do not leave behind any sticky residue. We steam clean upholstery so that we can get into every nook possible. Our technicians will revitalize your furniture with our upholstery cleaning system. 

Upholstery typically takes 6 to 24 hours to dry, depending on how dirty the furniture is. After the furniture is cleaned, we apply a deodorizer to neutralize odors and complete your total cleaning experience. 

Upholstery Cleaning in Volusia County

Tile Cleaning & Grout Restoration

Have you noticed that your grout lines become darker over time, no matter how much you mop? The grout is not getting clean because sanded grout is porous. Over time the pores trap dirt and oil if not properly sealed. 


Our heavy-duty grout color sealer covers up existing stains, making your grout look brand new and uniform. The color sealer also protects the grout for over ten years! That is a lot longer than clear sealers that typically last one year. Maintaining the cleanliness of your tile & grout will be easy with a household mop. 

In addition to deep cleaning and sealing your grout, we can fix any missing, cracked, or damaged grout.

Color Seal.jpg

Area Rug Cleaning

Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning is the best professional area rug cleaning company. Having us clean your area rugs once a year helps keep them looking good as new. We include a high-quality deodorizer to eliminate and neutralize odors.  


Area rugs only take 2 hours to dry and can be cleaned inside your home. Our cleaning products are non-toxic and will never cause any damage to the flooring underneath your area rug. We specialize in oriental, Turkish, and wool rugs.

Area Rug 9-min.jpg

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Want to learn more about our furniture and floor cleaning? Give us a call or start an online pricing request and we can give you an estimate. 

What Our Clients Say

2021-08-01 (4).png

After renting a machine and buying the chemicals I realized that cleaning a couch was a little more difficult than I thought. I love the way the deodorizer smells. Thanks guys I'll make sure to have my friends give you a call.

2021-08-01 (11).png
2021-08-01 (9).png

Great job. Efficient and cost effective. And they take credit cards!! Will definitely use them again! Thank you so much :)

2021-08-01 (11).png

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Travertine Floor Polishing

Over time, travertine and marble tile floors will look dull and lose their shine. This dullness is the accumulation of minor scratches and scuff marks on the tile's surface. Our technicians can inspect the floors and determine if they need to be ground, honed and/or polished. 

We use a progressive series of diamond-embedded pads to hone and polish your floors. Afterward, we can use a special polishing compound to give the floors an additional polish you will love. Depending on traffic, travertine tile floors typically need to be polished once every five years. 


When it comes to repairing holes in travertine, we are the best. After we fix the holes, you won't be able to tell that they were even there!

Travertine Floor.jpg

Laminate Floor Cleaning & Sealing

Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning can deep clean, protect and restore the shine in your laminate flooring. After the deep cleaning, we apply two coats of heavy-duty acrylic finish. The acrylic finish eliminates streaking, hazing, and footprints. Laminate floor cleaning & sealing will give your floors a beautiful, long-lasting showroom shine that you will love! 


Hardwood & Engineered
Floor Refinishing

Over time hardwood and engineered flooring can become dirty, worn, and scratched. Our water-based polyurethane sealer will bring the showroom shine to your hardwood & engineered floors. It also helps seal joints, protects from staining, and footprints become a thing of the past. The sealer is made from 24.5% solids polymers, making it the most durable semi-permanent coating for residential and commercial flooring.  

Hardwood Floor