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Serving the following Florida Counties: 

Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, and Orange

5-Star Reviews


"Diamond Dry Carpet cleaning did a great job not only cleaning my carpets but cleaning my tiles and sealing my grout. Thank you so much for your hard work."   

                    Christelle, Palm Coast, FL


"I highly recommend Diamond Dry in Daytona Beach! They were very kind, and professional. I had them clean my couch, loveseat and chair. Everything looks and smells so clean."

       Doreen, New Symerna Beach, FL 

"Roxy did an amazing job in our high-traffic office by getting out some really tough stains and making the entire place look and smell so clean. Highly recommend and will absolutely use again! Thank you, Roxy."

                                Jill, Daytona Beach, FL

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The Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning method eliminates unhealthy allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and pet dander far better than conventional steam carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning process has solved customers' frustrations with steam cleaners. You don't have to worry about hoses being dragged around your home or having to leave the door or window open when you call us. 

After the carpets have been dry vacuumed, we apply our encapsulation solution. Encapsulation crystallizes the fibers' dirt, dust, oil, and other unwanted matters. The crystallization separates dirt and oils from the carpet fibers and extracts them with a bonnet. Our cleaning product is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and residue-free. With Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning, you don't have to worry about the safety of your home, family, and pets. 

The next step is scrubbing the carpets clean with a rotary or oscillating floor cleaning machine. Microfiber bonnets are the best for extracting and buffing the carpets clean. This agitation is far superior to old-fashioned rotary extraction wands that oversaturate carpet. Carpets only take one hour to dry, and stains don't come back. ​​

We offer a premium carpet cleaning deodorizer that uses the latest technology in odor destruction. It absorbs, modifies, destroys, and safely eliminates existing and future odors while leaving a pleasant, light lime scent. There is also a pet odor treatment for smells caused by unwanted organic matter.


If you need carpet cleaning for your home or business in Volusia, Orange, Seminole, or Flagler County, Florida, give us a call at (386) 682-2236 or fill out our online estimate request form. 


Why is the Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning system better than Steam Cleaning? 


  • Fast dry time in about an hour

  • Cleaner carpets with no wicking or stains returning after drying

  • No soap means no residue. 

  • No dirty hoses dragged around your home 

  • Doors and windows can remain closed during the cleaning 

  • No steam and excessive heat that leads to faster wear to carpets

  • Environmentally friendly and safe

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