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Tile & Grout Cleaning 
Grout Color Sealing and Restoration

Bringing Tile & Grout Back To Life

In recent times, tile is has become more popular because of its beauty, durability, waterproof attributes, and easy maintenance. However, over time dirt builds upon the tile's surface and in the grout. Natural stone tile and sanded grout are porous and must be sealed. Often, homeowners are unaware of this and find out after it is too late. Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning can seal your natural stone tile and grout, making it look better than brand new. 

Have you noticed your grout has become harder to keep clean after you mop? Some grout areas are darker and don't look the way you remember? The dark spots are from dirt and bacteria getting trapped in the grout's pores. Grout is a mix of sand and cement with a rough, porous surface that dirt gets stuck inside. The dark lines develop into permanent staining on unsealed grout. A sealer will protect your floors from staining and allow you to keep the grout clean with just a household mop. 

Most companies use clear sealers that only last a year, but not us. Our grout sealer is a heavy-duty product that lasts over ten years. It gives your grout long-lasting protection and covers up any existing stains. Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning can repair your damaged, cracked, and broken grout and make it look brand new again. We can even change the color of your grout to a lighter, darker, or similar color. If you would like a free evaluation and estimate, call us at (386) 682-2236.  

Tile made out of natural stone, such as travertine, marble, or slate, also has a porous surface to trap dirt. Fortunately, we offer high-quality penetrative sealers for natural stones. Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning can also hone and polish your travertine and marble floors with diamond encrusted pads. After they are polished, we can even do an additional buffing step with a polishing compound to give an extra glossy shine.  

Our Color Sealer Changes the Color of Your Grout and Lasts Over 10 years!

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Our tile and grout cleaning services include an alkaline cleaning, which does not have any strong odors and will not cause damage to your tile floors.  This includes natural stone tile such as travertine, marble, etc.  

Tile & Grout Cleaning 

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We can repair any grout lines that are damaged or worn low. The grout is color sealed after the repairs are made and looks brand new. 

Grout Repair Service

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Sealing your natural stone tile retains its beauty and prevents staining, discoloration, erosion, and odor absorption. Natural stone is porous and needs to be adequately sealed. We also offer a travertine and marble polishing service. 

Natural Stone Tile Sealing

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Grout Color Sealing transforms your floor and saves you thousands of dollars compared to replacing the floor. Color Seal lasts over 15 years with 22 colors to choose.

Grout Sealing

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Tile & Grout Restoration Company?

Extend the life of your tile and grout.


Specialized Techniques

Grout can be restored to its original state.

Cleaning Solutions & Equipment

Years of Experience and Expertise.

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After renting a machine and buying the chemicals I realized that cleaning a couch was a little more difficult than I thought. I love the way the deodorizer smells. Thanks guys I'll make sure to have my friends give you a call.

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Great job. Efficient and cost effective. And they take credit cards!! Will definitely use them again! Thank you so much :)

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