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Grout Repair · Color Sealing 

Areas:  Daytona Beach, FL | Palm Coast, FL | Sanford, FL | New Symerna Beach, FL | Daytona Beach Shores, FL | Altamonte Springs, FL | Casselberry, FL | Edgewater, FL | Ponce Inlet, FL | Lake Mary, FL | Oviedo, FL | Ormond Beach, FL | Bunnel, FL | Port Orange, FL | Winter Springs, FL | Flagler Beach, FL | Longwood, FL | Lake Monroe, FL | Deltona, FL | Orange City, FL | DeBary, FL | Genevea, FL | Golden Rod, FL | Oak Hill, FL | DeLand, FL | Astor, FL & More

Say Goodbye to Stained Grout: Our Color Sealer Lasts Over 15 Years!

Are you tired of struggling to clean your grout lines due to stubborn stains and discoloration? Do you wonder why your newly bought house's grout looks dingy and unappealing? Don't worry; Diamond Floor Cleaning has the perfect solution for you. Our color sealer covers stains and seals the grout, leaving it looking brand new.

Grout is a porous surface made of a mixture of sand and cement. Dirty mop water and spills can penetrate the grout, leaving behind dirt and bacteria that cause permanent staining. Many contractors skip sealing the grout to save costs, leaving homeowners with the consequences.

We use a sanded grout color sealer at Diamond Floor Cleaning that lasts over 15 years with proper maintenance. Unlike cheap clear sealers that only last a year or two, our topical sealer contains an aluminum oxide additive for extra strength. It provides a protective layer on top of the grout.


Once sealed, your grout becomes much easier to maintain with a regular mop.

We offer a deep cleaning and color sealing service to restore your grout's look, even if it's heavily stained or discolored. We can repair and re-grout the affected areas in case of any cracked or missing grout. Additionally, we provide a wide range of color options, including over 40 pre-mixed colors and the option to create a custom color to suit your preference.


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