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Grout is an essential part of any tiled surface, as it helps to fill in the gaps and hold the tiles in place. However, grout can become stained over time, making your tiled surface look dirty and unsightly. Proper maintenance is critical to keeping your grout clean and free of stains.

There are two main types of grout: sanded and non-sanded. Unsanded grout, typically made of cement, powdered pigments, and water, lacks sand particles. On the other hand, epoxy grout consists of resin and hardener. Sanded grout, whether cement-based or epoxy, is the same as the mixtures mentioned above, except without sand.

In this blog, I will focus on sanded grout and the effective way to remove stains by using what is known as "color sealer." Sanded grout is commonly used in many households and can become stained and damaged over time, where color sealer is the perfect solution.

The Problem with Sanded Grout

Sanded grout is porous and has a rough surface. Over time, dirt and debris can get trapped in the grout's pores and cause permanent staining and damage. Sealing your grout is essential to prevent staining that can be challenging or impossible. You can avoid these issues by sealing your grout before they become unmanageable.

Penetrative Sealer

Penetrative sealers are the most commonly used sealer in newly installed grout. It penetrates the grout's porous surface, creating a protective barrier from within. The sealer doesn't alter the appearance of the grout or conceal existing stains. Instead, it shields the grout from future staining by filling in its pores.

Although penetrative sealers provide some protection, they usually last only six months to 2 years, requiring frequent reapplication. I recommend using a topical color sealer instead of penetrative sealers on grout.

Topical Color Sealer

Color sealer is a topical sealer and a longer-lasting option than penetrative sealers. Topical sealers provide a protective layer on top of the grout. This layer helps to prevent staining and has a pigment to cover the stains. Color seal manufacturers offer many shades and even custom colors. The color-sealed grout will look even better than when first installed.

Depending on the manufacturer, color sealer can last up to 15 years or even the life of the grout if adequately maintained. The color sealer protects the grout from future stains and damage, giving it a uniform appearance that looks brand new again. It's a cost-effective solution to keep your grout looking its best for years.

Proper Maintenance

If you want to keep your grout looking fresh and clean, you've got to be careful with what you use to clean it. Avoid harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia acid, and don't blast it with high-pressure cleaning above 800psi. Instead, try using Zep Neutral Cleaner, which you can find on Amazon or at Home Depot for less than 20 bucks a gallon. It's an affordable and effective solution to keep your grout looking its best!


In conclusion, maintaining clean and stain-free grout is crucial to keeping your tiled surfaces looking their best. Sealing your grout with color sealer removes stains, gives the grout a uniform new appearance, and protects the grout from future staining.

At Diamond Floor Cleaning, we offer grout cleaning and sealing services to residents of Volusia, Flagler, and Seminole counties in Florida. Our team of professionals uses the latest techniques and equipment to restore your grout to its original condition. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can help you keep your floors looking their best.

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