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Does Ceramic Tile Need To Be Sealed?

The short answer is: No, ceramic tile does not require sealing. It comes with a built-in factory coating that is non-porous. However, you may have seen nano-ceramic coatings on the market. The most significant advantage to using a nano-ceramic coating over your existing tile is that it makes cleaning much more manageable. However, they also make the tile look glossy or have more traction.

Nano-ceramic sealers act like an invisible glass-like shield over your tile. Think about it: what's easier to clean than glass? Thinner than paper and almost as hard as a diamond. Most nano-ceramic sealers have anti-slip ratings to satisfy OSHA. An extra traction additive can be added if a more rough surface is desired.

Will a tile sealer seal my grout as well?

Yes, a nano-ceramic sealer is the best sealer that you can use for your grout. Not only will it prevent dirt and bacteria from building up on the surface, but it will protect the grout from permanent staining and discoloration. It also makes cleaning the grout lines a lot easier. After you have a nano-ceramic coating on your floor, you will laugh at the days when you did not have one.

How often do I need to seal my tile?

The coatings last between 5 to 20+ years, depending on use. When it wears out, you can tell when you clean it. The coating does not darken and needs to be stripped like an acrylic finish. When they wear out, they disappear because the coating is so thin. When the time comes, you can re-apply another coat.

What are the best brands of ceramic tile sealers?

My two favorite brands of nano-ceramic tile sealers are RexPro and Ballistix. Both brands can be bought without certifications and have excellent support. They offer a variety of coatings for epoxy, concrete, hardwood, VCT, and tile. Prices range from $200-$300 a gallon, depending on your chosen product and shipping. I like the 1-part product the best because you do not have to worry about mixing, it has a longer shelf life and is just as strong or stronger than the 3-part and 2-part products. I recommend consulting with the supplier before making a product selection.

How much does professional ceramic tile sealing cost?

The cost of sealing your tile with a nano-ceramic coating depends on the installer and how much prep work needs to be done to the tile and grout. Prices typically range from $1 to $3 a square foot for materials and labor for a tile sealing project.

Is installing a nano-ceramic coating a DIY project?

Installing a nano-ceramic coating is not recommended for people without coating experience or certifications. Steaking, bubbles, and failure are the most common issues. The coatings are extremely strong and are not easily removed if improperly installed. The best way to find an installer is to contact the sealer supplier and ask them if they can recommend a certified contractor. If you are in Volusia or Flager counties in Florida, contact Diamond Floor Cleaning at (386) 682-2236.

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