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Diamond Dry Wood Cleaning System deep cleans your floor while also applying preservation and unique finish which maintains the integrity and protects the original hardwood, laminate, or engineered wood floor. This revolutionary system removes all soil particles and grit by using green eco-friendly products. Our process is non-toxic, dust-free, and does not involve any strong odors.  After we are finished, your floors will shine like new again and be ready for use in a matter of hours! 

Diamond Dry Wood Cleaning & Preservation System


• The Diamond Dry Wood Cleaning & Preservation System is completely dust-free, non-toxic, and has no strong odors.  We remove the soil and kill all possible allergens that can be trapped on the surface areas.  

• Time can pass and you can forget to clean your wood or laminate floors! Wood floors are pours and vulnerable to dirt, dust, and soil to cause permanent staining. We use a high-quality acrylic-based floor finish that is designed for your specific floor type.

• Our Sealer lasts one to two years depending on traffic use. It goes over your existing polyurethane coat, restoring your floor's gloss and protects it from minor scratching.  


• We apply 3 coats of an acrylic-based floor finish for your specific flooring type. Furniture can be moved back in only 4 hours! 


Your floor is evaluated by our trained professionals to determine the type. A demo or test area is performed in an inconspicuous area so the customer can see the results prior to the cleaning.  

All furniture that needs to be cleaned underneath is moved out of the room. We usually go around large items like entertainment centers and dressers.  


After the room is vacuumed clean and dust-free, we apply our non-toxic encapsulation polymer cleanser to the floors.  The floors are then scrubbed with an oscillating floor cleaning machine under a pad. The pad is similar to one that is used to clean dishes and will not scratch or harm your floors.  

Now that the floors have been completely scrubbed clean and dried it is time to apply the finish. We use 3 coats of an acrylic-based polymer floor finish.  Non-toxic and no strong odors.


If you need Wood Floor Cleaning Cleaning in Volusia County feel free to give us a call at (386) 682-2236 or fill out our online estimate request form.

What to Expect 

Will it Remove Scratches and Dents?

Our cleaning and preservation system takes care of retouching and protecting the original finish of your hardwood floor and fixes most minor scratches. However if the scratches and dents are deeper than the finish, they may need to be sanded and refinished, which can be a very extensive and time-consuming process. Fortunately, Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning offers free in-home demonstrations where you can see with your own eyes how your floors will look so there are no worries.  






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After renting a machine and buying the chemicals I realized that cleaning a couch was a little more difficult than I thought. I love the way the deodorizer smells. Thanks guys I'll make sure to have my friends give you a call.

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Great job. Efficient and cost effective. And they take credit cards!! Will definitely use them again! Thank you so much :)

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