Engineered Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service

No Sanding Hardwood Floor Refinishing Service for Engineered Hardwood, Cork, and Bamboo floors.

Hardwood Buffing and Sealing FAQ

What is the Diamond Dry hardwood floor buffing and re-sealing process?


Hardwood flooring adds richness and warmth, but it cannot keep up its natural beauty without maintenance. Scratches, sunlight, and foot traffic eventually wear out the polyurethane finish on the hardwood. Our process is known as buffing and sealing, which involves removing the old polyurethane finish from the floor and replacing it with 2-3 new coats.


The removal of the polyurethane does not create excessive dust and does not require any sanding. We re-coat the floors with a high-quality water-based Pallmann brand polyurethane finish. It does not have a strong odor, so you do not need to stay out of your home while it dries. The finish takes four hours to dry before foot traffic and five days to fully cure before you can move the furniture back into the room.

When is complete sanding or refinishing needed? 

Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning does not offer sanding and hardwood refinishing services. Our process involves removing and replacing just the polyurethane topcoat from the hardwood floor. Sanding or refinishing requires sandpaper to grind deep enough past the polyurethane finish into the wood. After sanding the floors, they will need to be stained and coated with a new polyurethane finish. 


There are lots of disadvantages to sanding hardwood floors. First, the cost is 3 to 8 times what we charge for our process. Sanding also creates a lot of messy, toxic dust that gets everywhere. It can take days and weeks to complete a project instead of just a single day of buffing and recoating.  


Our process of replacing polyurethane does not replace sanding and refinishing. Sanding is required to help remove water damage, paint, wax, and deep scratches. Sometimes sanding cannot even fix these things completely. If you are unsure if your floors need sanding or you can contact us for a free evaluation and estimate.  

Do you offer any extra protection for high traffic areas to heavy commercial use?

We offer a third coat of Pallmann Gold finish for extra protection. We recommend a Pallmann Gold for commercial and high-traffic areas. The cost for the Pallmann Gold is only an additional 75 cents per square foot and is well worth it.   

Do you move furniture, or can you work around it?

If you have heavy items such as entertainment centers, we can work around them. Please have all furniture moved out of the room before starting the job. We do offer furniture moving for an extra charge.  

How long does the polyurethane need to be replaced?

We recommend having the floors screened and sealed every 3 to 5 years, depending on foot traffic and the number of coats.  

Can you buff and recoat engineered hardwood?

Yes. We use special pads to remove the factory aluminum oxide that can be challenging for engineered hardwood. 

How much does the hardwood floor screen and poly cost?

Pricing 1000 sq ft or more: $1.75 per sq ft for two coats of polyurethane. 

Pricing 1000 sq ft or less: $2 per sq ft for two coats of polyurethane.

Extra 3rd Coat of Pallmann Gold Polyurethane: 75 cents per sq ft.

Furniture moving service is available for an extra charge

How do I know if a buff and recoat cannot be done? 

Situation #1: Your floors are not solid hardwood. Vinyl and laminate floors do not have enough wear layer to screen. Buffing them will damage and expose the material under the top layer. 


Situation #2: Water damage, warping, paint, color change, or deep scratches in the wood. Unfortunately, in this situation, complete sanding and refinishing are needed.  


Situation #3: Products such as Mop & Glo, acrylic finishes, silicon cleaners, or oil soaps make the floor impossible to resurface. The new coat of polyurethane will not adhere if these products are used.

If you would like a professional to give you a free evaluation to see if your floors can be resurfaced click on the online estimate request or give us a call at (386) 682-2236.

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Great job. Efficient and cost effective. And they take credit cards!! Will definitely use them again! Thank you so much :)

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