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Area Rug Cleaning Service in Volusia County, FL

Area Rug Cleaning Service

Looking for an area rug cleaning in Volusia County, FL? Call Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning first at (386) 682-2236. We bring many years of experience cleaning rugs. Our goal is to not only clean your rug but to protect it from any future damages. 

We use a premium solvent-based fabric protector that lasts 3 years. All of our products are safe on wool and are eco-friendly for your home and pets. 

We can clean your area rug right inside of your home and you don't need to worry about hoses running through your home. Our Area rug cleaning pricing is 50 cents per square foot and that includes cleaning, deodorizer, and premium fabric protection.  

If you need Carpet Cleaning in Volusia County give us a call at (386) 682-2236 or fill out our Online Estimate Request Form.

Why us?


​​​Cleaner rugs with no wicking or stains returning after drying

No soap means no residue

No dirty hoses dragged around your home 

Doors and windows can remain closed during the cleaning 

No steam and excessive heat that leads to faster wear of your rugs

Built-in fluorochemical to extend the life of your rug

Environmentally friendly and safe

What Our Clients Say

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After renting a machine and buying the chemicals I realized that cleaning a couch was a little more difficult than I thought. I love the way the deodorizer smells. Thanks guys I'll make sure to have my friends give you a call.

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Great job. Efficient and cost effective. And they take credit cards!! Will definitely use them again! Thank you so much :)

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