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Dear Residents and Businesses of Florida,

My name is Roxie Allison, the owner of Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning and Floor Restoration. Before forming the company in 2021, I owned a steam cleaning company called "The Real Steamer" in Springfield, MA.

One day the machine on our truck-mounted vacuum broke before a job for a hibachi restaurant. It was wintertime, and the heater in the van didn't keep it cold enough, so it froze. Fortunately, I had all the chemicals and equipment to dry clean the carpets, and the customer was happy to try it.  

This restaurant's carpet is one of the worst. I don't know why a hibachi restaurant, where they throw food around, would choose carpet instead of tile. This place would get cleaned about every three months, and there were plenty of stains that wouldn't come out. High Alkaline, booters, grease eater, high heat,nothing I tried would work.   

I was shocked when the low moister technique removed all stubborn stains. It really makes sences if you think about it. The bonnet works like a rag scrubbing the carpet instead of steam cleaning that drenches it in water and then sucks it up. Heat, excessive water and pressure causes more problems than its worth. VLM gives a way better mechanical agitation combined with the modern encapsulation products is far superior to steam cleaning. Needless to say the customers were extremly happy.  

After four years of successfully running The Real Steamer floor and furniture cleaning, my wife and I decided to live out our dream and move to Florida. We used top-notch portable cleaning equipment to deal with Florida's high-rise buildings and high humidity. 

So far, it's been over a year, and we have serviced many happy customers already. We service over a dozen buildings on Atlantic Ave and residential properties in Volusia, Flagler, Seminole, and Orange counties. We also specialize in grout restoration, hardwood resurfacing, and marble, travertine & limestone polishing.  

Thank you, Florida, for giving us the pleasure of cleaning and restoring your floors. We look forward to living and working for you for many years ahead.  

Roxie & Karin Allison
Diamond Dry Carpet Cleaning & Floor Restoration, Owners
(386) 682-2236

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RIP Luis Arzola 
Co-Founder of "The Real Steamer"